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Residential Standby Generators - Generac  

Residential Standby Generators - Generac Generators

Every homeowner should have a residential standby generator. Power outages are occurring more frequently and are lasting longer than ever before with devastating results. So far in 2011, there have been 6,987 power outages across the country which affected 35.5 million people. In the Capital District, there have been 70 power outages so far this year that affected close to 200,000 people. These power outages resulted in Capital District homeowners being without power for 63 days this year and winter has barely started!

Mr. Electric of the Capital District is locally owned and operated. So we know firsthand the difficulties people around here have been experiencing with these power outages: spoiled food, flooded basements, and computer crashes are just some of the horror stories we hear from our customers when they call us to buy a residential standby generator. Now they rest assured knowing that the next time the power goes out, and it will, that their home and their family are protected.

As a certified Generac dealer, we highly recommend you invest in one of our Generac residential standby generators. Generac is the most trusted name in generators because Generac is the world’s largest provider of standby generators, selling five times as many generators as all of our competitors combined.

We encourage our customers to invest in residential standby generators instead of portable generators for the following reasons:

  • The American Red Cross asserts that residential standby generators are safer than portable generators.
  • There is a much greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with portable generators.
  • Residential standby generators, which run on either natural gas or propane, are less expensive to run than portable generators which run on gasoline and need to be refilled.
  • Residential standby generators start automatically when the power goes out, provide 24/7 protection, and turn themselves off when the power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during a power outage. This is especially beneficial if you’re out of town when the power goes out!

Residential standby generators not only give you uninterrupted power to keep all your electrical devices running, they give you peace of mind. You won’t ever have to worry again about whether your family will be able to stay warm through a snow storm or stay cool through a heat wave. You can sleep through the night knowing your security system will be working, the food in your refrigerator won’t spoil and your computer won’t crash. Even if the power outage goes on for days, you’ll have the power you need for everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration, lights, cooking and laundry.

With one phone call you can buy a residential standby generator, set up a date to have us install the standby generator, and have us arrange for an inspection of the generator to make sure that all local codes and regulations are met. It’s that simple. Call us at 518-213-3835 for more information or use our contact form to request more information.

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Standby Generator Tips

Running a residential standby generator properly can help keep you and your family safe. Don’t risk accident or injury by using a residential standby generator the wrong way. Follow these tips to be safe and to help keep your generator running when you need it most.

  • Follow instructions in the operator’s manual.
  • Only operate standby generators outside.
  • Put a carbon monoxide detector near all bedrooms.
  • Know the wattage limitations of your standby generator and do not exceed them.
  • Be sure your standby generator is properly connected. If it is not, it could void your homeowner’s insurance in the event of an accident.
  • Do not use the standby generator if it is cracked, leaking fuel, oil, or another fluid. It could be dangerous.
  • To prevent serious danger, do not plug your standby generator into a wall outlet.
  • Periodically run your standby generator to make sure it is operating correctly.
  • Protect your standby generator from excessive dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Place standby generator on flat surfaces only.
  • Do not operate a standby generator that does not have a protective covering.
  • Make sure that all compartments are closed when running. (oil fill, oil drain, control panel, etc.)
  • Do not operate the standby generator if you smell fuel or notice any other conditions that could lead to an explosion.
  • Be aware that loose clothing, jewelry and other such things can get caught in rotating parts. These types of items should be kept away from a standby generator.
  • To keep the standby generator in safe operation, make sure it has unobstructed air flow and ventilation.
  • Do not attempt to tamper with the standby generator’s speed or other predetermined manufacturer settings.
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